Download YouTube Vanced APK [NON-ROOT]

The internet is taking all over the world and the different applications are surrounding us in every aspect of our life. In this age new applications and platforms, YouTube has become an integral part of our daily life. It is the most famous video sharing site where millions of videos are uploaded daily. You can find videos related to any subject on the internet and YouTube is your biggest provider for that purpose.

However, we always notice that there are many advertisements from various brands that keep interrupting the video. This is because YouTube requires are a huge amount of data to function and it is not an easy job running and maintaining such a giant database. These ad popups right in the middle of the video and can prove to be an annoying experience for the users. However, there is a way you can avoid these ads. YouTube provides subscriptions for members where you can have an ad-free experience.

However, it is obvious that the subscription is unpopular among the general mass. Like most apps, subscription for YouTube is also not free and it comes with a certain price tag. Therefore this is the reason why YouTube mods came into play. This version was developed so that people can have access to YouTube premium services without the added price tag. This is how developers created a different version of YouTube which came to be known as YouTube mod vanced.

Download YouTube Vanced APK [NON-ROOT]

What is APK Mod?

It is a modified version of some application that is developed by certain developers and an unofficial basis. Apps are an important part of our everyday life and sometimes some features prove to be a drawback for the users. APK mods design to improve those drawbacks and make it a more user-friendly platform.

With the modified APK mods users can experience certain advantages which on other occasions they can’t. This is how YouTube APK Mod version works as it lets the user take advantage of the YouTube premium account without the added charges involved.

Download YouTube Vanced APK according to your choice.





Download MICROG From below option to sign YouTube Vanced. (Importent & Neccesasary)



So what exactly is YouTube vanced?

For any internet user, YouTube is an important part of their experience. It allows you to stream videos save some and even upload your content. YouTube even allows content makers to earn money through their views and content. However, the general video comes with many ads some of which are even non-shippable.

These tests the patience of the view was when simultaneous ads are playing in the same video. This is how the application tries to pursue its users to subscribe to the premium plan to have an ad-free experience aside from other additional playing features.

This is where some developers from the XDA community started to work on developing YouTube vanced. This is and Mod version of the official YouTube application. With this application, you can have access to all the features

YouTube Premium has to offer without any additional charges or fees. As for YouTube vanced you don’t need to purchase this on the internet and it also gives you all the additional features and themes that YouTube premium has to offer.

Download YouTube Vanced APK [NON-ROOT]


Features of YouTube vanced

Let us take a look at all the features YouTube vanced has to offer. Ad-free experience: this is one of the most important features that people look forward to. Many companies and businesses are using Google ads as a weapon to grow and explain their business. YouTube is a mega platform for these companies to spread their business even for the and therefore the add introductions are always present in normal YouTube applications.

The samples the user experience and therefore people are more inclined to the versions which offer the same experience but without the ads interruptions. You can watch a video from the very start till the end without any ad introductions with the help of YouTube vanced.

Background tree is another feature for which YouTube premium is very popular among the users. If you are a general user you must be aware of the fact that you can’t play the content of the videos as a background player. You need to have the screen open all the time if you want to keep the video playing. This feature enables users to exit from the video but still have the same video running in the background. Send video streaming and listening.



The YouTube premium version included this in their future on the very latest version of the app. YouTube vanced included this feature without the user subscribing to the YouTube premium app. if you don’t like the feature you can even disable it to the settings of the YouTube vanced app anytime you prefer.

YouTube vanced you can have an autoplay repeat feature as well. As this particular feature, it is not available even on the official YouTube application but for the YouTube vanced, the team made this feature available for the users. You can even pension to zoom in and out to zoom out for the video you are playing.

Even this feature is not available on the official YouTube app. The vanced version is designed so that it is possible to launch on any Android device. You can even set the applications as per your need and requirement which means that you can enable or disable whatever feature you prefer and however you prefer.

You are using any application with the new modified version of the original application you might be familiar with the route to access features of these APK mods. This is not a big deal but a single wrong step can inflict major damage on your mobile.

This is the reason why the developer of the application opted for a non-rooted device so that the users can have the same experience of the YouTube premium without the need to root the devices. However, you can choose whatever you prefer as the version is available with both rooted and non-rooted mobile.

Difference between a rooted and non-rooted device

Non-rooted devices a great option for all the devices including smartphones and tablets. This means that without granting permission for you can still have access to YouTube vanced APK. Although, you still have to use a microG kit are you won’t be granted permission to login.

A rooted device can also have access to the features and functions of the app with root permission from the manufacturers. You have to download the files that are recommended and flash if you want to get vanced. You have to remember that you need to settle TWRP on your device if it is rooted before you install YouTube vanced.

If you have Magisk Root, the latest design to function through Magisk. If you want to use this application and package you have to download and get YouTube vanced Magisk module.


Installing Vanced to your device.

YouTube advanced can be installed on any Android device and it is pretty easy to install as well. However, when you are logging in the application with your Google account, you might come face to face with some difficulties. Here’s what you have to keep in mind when you are installing the application on your device. As mentioned earlier the application can be downloaded on both rooted and non-rooted versions of your device.

It is up to you what you want to download. You can process to download the APK file. Once it is downloaded you can install the application on your device with the install button. There may be notices for unknown sources while you are installing but this is not a big deal. You can deal with this through the settings. Go to the settings option and there you can see the security button. Under the security option, you can enable the installment of unknown sources option. And there you have it.

Download YouTube Vanced you have to keep it close for a certain amount of time and then you can sign in. You can also install the microG app which will help you to sign in. This app has no interface and simply remains install on your phone. Install the app you can close all the windows and go to your vanced account and sign in with your Google account. It helps you to sign in as the micro Gmail automatically detects the application on your device.

Sign in with your Google account with your password. And there you go. Now you are ready to play with all the features YouTube premium has to offer. No, you can enjoy free videos with all the background play features without paying any additional fees or charges.

One drawback of YouTube vanced application is that it is not compatible with iOS devices. The application was developed keeping only Android users in mind but it is hopefully going to be launched for iOS users as well.




Is it safe to use YouTube vanced?

It is only normal people think about the privacy and security policy of the application they are using especially if it is such an unknown application. However, Downloading YouTube Vanced is completely safe to use as it is just a modified version of the original YouTube application. Receivers you don’t have to worry about the security issues.



Final word

With all that being said it is best to go for the original or official YouTube application. The intention of the article is just to provide information. The decision to Download YouTube Vanced apk is totally up to the users. This is easy to use and easy to install the application with a user-friendly interface. Enjoy all the videos you want to your heart’s content.

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