[100% Working] How to Get Spotify Premium For Free

Music is the one thing that can take you away from your hectic life in an instant. It doesn’t matter that if you are stuck in the traffic for traveling alone music is always the best partner to have. It can set the tone for any party or set the mood just right. So as a music lover where can you have the option of unlimited music without making your phone’s memory full?


What is Spotify?

If you are a music lover you must have at least one application on your phone to stream music. The universal language of music is not limited to only listening to your favorite songs or even your favorite artist. In some of these platforms, we play a bigger role in establishing your favorite artists’ performance in the global market. Therefore you need a proper streaming platform where you can officially stream albums for individual songs.

Apart from this if you are simply a music lover you might like to get the whole experience of listening to music. Spotify is one of the most popular online platforms for music services. The streams are counted in official charts as well.

The best part about this platform is that it is available for both Android and iPhone users. You can play your music through any gadgets such as tablets computers are your smartphones. There are millions of tracks you can play through this online platform.

App Details
Name Spotify Premium APK
Downloads 500K+
Offered By Spotify LLC
Version Latest Update

What is Spotify premium?

So is this application free of cost? Well, the answer is partly yes and partly no. If you want to simply sign up you can get Spotify for free. The normal Spotify comes with many ad interruptions and disturbances. You can only play a selected few songs from the artist on the no premium version. There are several ad breaks which can sometimes become a better irritating when you are on a continuous streak of streaming or listening.

For the normal Spotify version, you need your internet to stream the songs or tracks. There is also the fact that you cannot stream Spotify normally if you are up in the air or way underground with the internet can’t reach you. There is also the fact that you cannot download your favorite tracks to stream those data free in certain circumstances. Places where Spotify premium comes into play.

With a premium option, you can upgrade your Spotify app and have access to unlimited music which includes up to 200 million tracks. Spotify premium doesn’t have any adaptation so that you can have a seamless musical experience.  You can stream your music data free or even download it so that you can always carry your music with you. You can speak it through the music you don’t like and have access to unlimited song options. With the premium, you also can create radio stations.

This includes your favorites and podcasts. To get up a premium plan you have to download the Spotify app on your phone and upgraded to premium. However, the premium version is not free of cost. There is a certain price tag that comes with additional features.

There different plans for the Spotify premium version. these include 4.99 dollars per month for students, 6.99 dollars per month package for individuals and ultimately a mega plan for the whole family which can include 6 members which cost 14.99 dollars per month.

However, you see it the memberships pretty high. Is there any method of how you can get access to Spotify premium plans for free? What is what you have to do to get a free Spotify account?


How to get Spotify premium for free

First Method

Once you sign up for Spotify you will get a 30-day free trial. You can use multiple email accounts to register as well. What you have to remember is that you have to cancel the subscription before the trial expires. This will prevent you from being charged by the platform.

If you continue to use different accounts with the same payment information Spotify may detect the problem. You cannot keep your favorite songs are the tractors you have created on your previous account with the new one. Some point of time it is bound to get inconvenient for the user so they will start to get tired of it anyways.

First up open spotify.com or the Spotify web page on a browser and click on the get Spotify free button. Once you have done signing up with your email id or a Facebook account you can go ahead with your username password and other details application might require.

Logging with Facebook is another easy way where you can simply give your login details such as mail ID, password and login with the help of the login button. Make sure that you have read through the application’s terms and conditions before signing up.

2nd Method To Get Spotify Premium For Free

Next as mentioned earlier you can use different trial accounts that offer Spotify premium for free for up to 3 months as a part of the trial version. You can indeed have access to the trials however after some point Spotify is found to realize that some error is there.

Also having multiple accounts can be a big inconvenience when you have to keep track of different email ids and also continuously lose your tracklist with every new account.30-day the free premium trial can only provide you with the sample of what the premium looks like for a paid version.


3rd Method To Get Spotify Premium For Free

One of the easiest ways of getting a free premium version is joining acquaintances family account. If you know someone who is using a family account you can ask them to let you join as the 6th member. If there is a spot open as the family is not made up of 6 members then you can ask them or they can invite you to join the Spotify family plan.

The third way to get a free Spotify premium is by using apps like Appvalley, Tatuapp, Cydia or Tweakapp on your iOS. This is only possible if you have an iPhone with Spotify++. So you don’t have to worry about any jailbreak for your phone use this method. However, you need to ensure that you have installed the Spotify app from your device before you install Spotify++.

What is the number of steps that need to be followed in Appvalley, Tweakapp, and TatuApp? Once you have installed the Spotify app go to your Safari on your device. You have to navigate to the application page you want to use. After installing you can open the application on your device. Upon opening at you will see an untrusted enterprise developer which is the first thing that will pop up.

If you are using an IOS 12 then go to settings where you will find general and then click on device management. However, if you are using an IOS 11 you have to go to the general button in your settings bar. There you will notice the profile or the profiles and device management.

UC and untrusted enterprise developer. However, if you follow the tutorial you will be safe and good to go. Once the app is open, you can search for Spotify++ and then proceed to download it. Now you are ready to use Spotify premium with all the features that are available for it.

Now if you are using Cydia impactor you will need the help of your Mac or PC to install it on your device. On this open a browser and go to the Cydia impactors page. You can download it then you have chosen the right installation file. It is possible that you will have to unzip the folder so that you can view the installer. Using a USB cable you have to connect your Android device or iPhone to your PC or Mac.

Makes you have to download a modified Spotify version on your device. Remember that this process or method might require your iCloud password for your Apple device.  Once you open the Impactor and drag the APK file for the original Spotify into the Cydia platform.

You can open this once it is visible on your phone. Once you have got into the “trust this app” with the same method, you can now enjoy Spotify premium for free as much as you want.


Free APP Applications

Apart from this, you can also try using modified or hacked Spotify premium APK for your Android device. However, this method is only applicable for Android devices and you will have to uninstall or delete your original Spotify. All you have to do is download the Spotify premium APK file through your browser. Downloaded on your Android device you have to go to the security bar and enable the unknown source installing hack on a modified APK file.

This method might not be work for as Spotify has already started to track free accounts through who are using moded or hacked accounts. This is actually a pirated version of the premium service. This method is really risky as you can even end up losing your account if Spotify considered that the violation is equivalent to terminating your account or even suspending it.


Converting files from Spotify

Another way in which you can get some Spotify music is by using a music converter through TuneMobie. What this does is that it can convert some Spotify songs are albums to MP3 files or even M4A or WAV which can be preserved for later use. This gives you always the same features as 45 premium packs where you can enjoy really good quality music, script through your playlist and there are also no ad introductions as well.

This can be used on iPod Sony Walkman or even MP3 players as well. The application is compatible with other programs such as Windows and Mac OS as well. To get started you have to get the converter first and then launch your Spotify music converter which will be done automatically. Remember you have to keep using Spotify when you are running this program.

When you add files you just drag and drop the songs from Spotify to this program. Another method is simply copying and pasting the link in the Spotify music converter. For the Sony music converter first, check the songs of the albums. If you don’t like any song you want to play you can simply and take them and they will not be included in your playlist.

This is the way you can modify your list as well. By default, the program is set to used 320 KBPS MP3 as an output mode. How are you can change the format accordingly for your output format? Once you have selected your playlist you can simply click on the convert button and all your audios will be formatted accordingly.


Final word

These are some of the methods you can use to get Spotify premium for free. Now, these methods are of course useful but at the same time very risky and can land up with copyright issues. If there is a way if you can afford that in the right manner it is suggested that you go for that.

So these are some of the ways how you can have access to Spotify premium or at least have the same experience as the original app. remember using some of these methods are pretty risky and can even end up getting your account suspended or terminated. The risk involved is unavoidable as well if you use multiple accounts as well. In my opinion, the best way how to get Spotify premium for free with convenience is by joining a family pack.

However, the intention of this article is not to affiliate with any of the above-mentioned apps for and only provided as an information provider. The copyright holder’s rights should be highly respected and recommended by the users.

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