– How to Register & Activate MySubway Gift Card Online


The sandwich has become a much love food item among the common mass. Therefore it is not a surprise that the submission has emerged as a joint among the food sector. The chain has established itself as one of the most loved and wanted food blocks around the world with hundreds and thousands of outlets.

Therefore it is always a good idea for someone to gift a gift card to the foodie friends. If you are living far apart from someone close and you wish to sit down and enjoy a sandwich together with them it is not an easy option. Subway gift cards sorry cards might be some options available for you. 


What is MySubway gift card?

You can get a Subway gift card from any brick and mortar Subway location. You can purchase the card or even get it ordered from online at All you need to do is sign up for the survey reward program and you can locate the nearest Subway restaurant around you and even more. If you are ordering the card online you have the privilege of designing the card as per your choices and select preloaded backgrounds for your card give it a customized look.

The card can be even decorated with your customized image which can be uploaded from your device giving it a more personal touch. At once a person can order up 29 cards at a time. This can be varied from 5 to 500 USD dollars. Once you have ordered the gift card Subway will send it to you via your mail and you should receive it within 2 days from ordering.

Apart from mailing the customer can select other options regarding shipping. The website will calculate the prices as per your option and even recommend the best option for you. You can even provide a more personal touch to your card by giving a personal message to it. This can be given at the time of ordering and you won’t need a card for this purpose as well.

The cards are easy to carry as they have a similar shape and size as your debit or credit cards and even work in the same manner when you are checking out from your restaurant.


What is the Subway e-card?

 Just like any other card software card is also the digital version of your physical server gift card. Instead of giving it physically, you can send the card to another person’s phone or through their email address. Just like the gift card you can also personalize your e-card accordingly by using personal images or messages. Unlike the Subway gift card, you don’t have to worry about delaying your gift as you can give the e-card to the recipient almost instantly.

However, the customer also has the freedom to send it at any point of the year according to their convenience. It can be a great gift and you can schedule it for an upcoming event so that you don’t have to worry about it later. Set the date and time before the main event and order the e-card. You can utilize the Subway card for the Subway app and even for participating in online ordering from the restaurant directly at Now, the e-card and the gift cards are only redeemable at specific Subways which are participating.

Therefore they are not meant for working at every store possible. First and foremost you would like to check if the Subway you are visiting accepts the gift cards are the e-cards. Your best option is your local Subway so that you can use it at your convenience. Now if you are planning to gift a gift card or a card to a third person you would e-check the nearest Subway near their address.

Confirm store accepts gift cards sorry cards and then you can proceed to buy one for gifting them. You can even visit and search for the store from the “find a store” link. If the store is not a part of the program you can pursue them to join in. If the manager shows interest the store will likely sign up for the program and you can proceed to issue gift cards or e-cards.


Subway rewards: mySubwaycard rewards

How To Register for Subway Card?

Every business is trying to incorporate as many customers and buyers as they can. However, keeping an active customer base can be a tricky job and therefore companies are including lucky draws and lucky winners to keep the customers engaged. Design a competitive market and reward programs are one of the few key points that keep your customer base steady and engaging at the same time. Similarly, Subway reward programs follow the same steps and the lucky customers can get a complimentary drink, sandwich or sides as per their points.

To register for the program you can register for the card online. Through your local survey, you can register yourself but you do have to keep in mind that not every survey store is involved in this program. Now once you are registered your points will add off with every purchase as an individual earns rewards through every dollar spent on Subway. When you swipe your card the points are registered.

Even though you don’t carry your card all the time you can simply provide your phone number at the checkout and your points will be added without you having to swipe your card. Even though it is not conventionally award program any food lovers hand with a lover can simply register with the Subway online or download the Subway app. It enables you to get access to new updates, exclusive sales and new features for better customer service.

You can use your points to place cash for your orders at the Subway. Depending on your points can get you different free stuff like a cookie, a sandwich for a free fountain drink. You can even add additional substances such as extra toppings or other menu items with the help of your points. 

However, keep in mind that points are subjected to the expiry date. In this case, you have to use your points within 3 years and it is not a big deal as you will be using your points anyways for every survey purchase. 

Benefits Of Survey Card

  • On registration, you can get instant reward
  • Customers can get many beneficial promotional
  • Every purchase is like an
  • Damaged or lost cards can be replaced by a simple phone
  • The card can be used to redeem the points and get free
  • You can exclusive offers and
  • Stores
  • Menu and products
  • One card that can be used to any Subway
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Final verdict

Any gift card or card from any company is an exciting deal for loyal customers. If you are a foodie and sandwich lover this is probably one of the best deals out there for you. Therefore I apply for your gift card on the card as soon as you can enjoy the benefits it comes with. 

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