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For every company or change, customers must be on board with their opinions and services after all the company exists for their customer base. Companies are always on the outlook to make the services and products better so that they can have a stronghold on their customers. However, for large companies, it is a hassle to know exactly what their customers want and what areas they should work on to improve their services and products.

This is why customer feedback is an integral part of any company. Feedbacks are customer opinion and suggestions that the company collects through surveys. The surveys help the company to know exactly what the customer wants and what their requirements are and work in the areas where they’re lacking to improve customer experience. Every customer wants their experience is worth the money that they are spending or investing in the company.

A survey acts as a medium for the company and the customer they can interact regarding the services offered by the company. The service can be both online and offline however in most cases these days it is online. Without a doubt, the same goes for McAlister’s Deli as well. Through the talktoMcalisteners survey, the company conducts a survey.

McAlister’s Deli is the fast-food chain of restaurant functions in America. It has emerged as a huge fast-food chain. With its headquarters in Georgia, McAlister’s Deli has approximately over 400 openings across all the states of America. The restaurant server number of items but particularly specializes in their sandwiches, salads, soups, beverages and certain desserts.

The restaurant even offers a torrid menu for kids. McAlister’s daily has continued to grow as it has a big online presence as well. It can function through mobile apps and individuals can even please their order via the web. TalkToMcAlister’s program was introduced as an initiative program to interact with the customer base. Here is how you can enter the survey.


About McAlister’s Deli Survey

Industry Restaurant
Founded 1989; 30 years ago in Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Founder Don Newcomb
Headquarters Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.
Number of locations
Area served
United States
Key people
Joe Guith
Natalia Franco
Parent Focus Brands


Requirements and rules for entering the survey

 If you want to participate in the survey you have to fulfill certain eligibility rules and requirements. 

First of all, you need to be a legal resident of one of the 50 states of the United States of America. Next, you need to have a device like a laptop, mobile or PC with a proper internet connection. This way you can take the online survey. As it is you will need a valid email address as well.

Next, you have to be a recent user at McAlister’s daily with a valid receipt which will contain the talk to McAlister’s survey invitation code. Without the code, you will not be able to enter the survey. You need to visit the official website which is www. the service is available in two languages which are English and Spanish and the customer needs to understand the basics of any one of them to take the survey.

You also need to be 18 or above to make you eligible to participate in the customer satisfaction survey. The company follows a strict rule that the representatives, family members, relatives or any individual word related directly to the company are not allowed to take part in the survey so that it is completely customer based.

When you are entering the server you need to keep in mind that the coupon code needs to be within 30 days off your last visit or it will expire. You also need to take the server within 7 days of your visit. The survey also includes a server price which cannot be en-cashable.

Now if you feel to present the receipt that is carrying the court you will not be able to claim your prize on your next McAlister’s Deli. You can even enter multiple times in the survey as well. However, you will require multiple codes as well. It simply means that one purchase will get you one receipt and only one entry. 


Entering the online survey

 If you are entering the survey online you need to visit Once you are through the service page, select your preferred language and proceed to the next page. On the second-page unit enter server code which will be there on your receipt. After this, you will enter the survey. The next page will be asked to provide information about the last visit to McAlister’s Deli.

These will include the date of your visit, time, and store location, mode of placing your order, the transaction number and the receiving method of your order. After that, you will be required to skill the restaurant service on a scale of 5. As per your opinion rate your overall experience, however, it is sure to be genuine about it. Once you finish the server you will be offered a validation code that can be retrieved on your next visit to McAlister’s. You need to claim your prize within 30 days or it will expire.


Entering through phone calls:

If you are not comfortable with the online server you can enter the server through phone calls. Simply enter your service code which will be printed on your receipt and you can leave feedback. Once you have given the feedback, they will provide you with a validation code that you need to write down in order to retrieve your price on your next visit to the store. Through this method also the price is only valid for 30 days only. 


Questions on TalkToMcAlister’s survey

The survey includes a number of questions that are based on your personal experience at the timer. You will be asked to read your overall visit to McAlister’s. The questions will also ask questions regarding staff behavior, the food served, questions regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of the place and your food as well. It also asks specific questions if your order was served like how it was supposed to be, the time taken for your order to get to you and lastly if you faced any issues while you were at the diner.

This is a good space where an individual can express their grievances directly to the company. Lastly, you will be asked for your opinion regarding how they can improve their services. Remember to be genuine if you want McAliste’s to improve their service for your convenience.


TalkToMcAlister’s survey rewards

As it is surveys are not something most people are enthusiastic about. However, it is a crucial aspect for a company to run and I need to make sure that more and more people engage in the survey constantly. This is the reason why surveys have a catchy point and include rewards for the participants as well. This way more and more customers will keep on taking the survey.

As for McAlister’s survey, lucky winners get a chance to receive free cookies on their next visit. However, these rewards expire within 30 days and there for the individual needs to visit the restaurants within 30 days to redeem their prizes. Remember these prizes cannot be traded for something is as per the customer’s wishes. Rewards only contain cookies and that is all you are going to get


Final verdict

That is all you need to know about TalkToMcAlister’s survey. If you have me the pure mind to enter the survey it is going to benefit both you as a customer and McAllister as a company. If you are having some difficulties regarding how to take the survey you can contact McAlister’s Deli customer service for more information. Hope this article helped you to understand how TalkToMcAlister’s survey works.

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