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Every business wants to hear back from their customers regarding their services and products. Results time to work on real hacking and make the User experience even better which is an essential customer service business module. The same goes for any food chains as well this is why Dunkin donuts are no exception regarding this case. The food chain was established long back in 1950.
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The doughnut factory is famous among its loyal customers. The reason for the popularity includes delicious goods and cause customer experience as a whole. The food chain specializes in its wide range of doughnuts and coffee. Most of the outlets are situated in the United States of America however they are present around the words in different nations as well.

However for maintaining such a wide food company is no easy job and therefore, the company always needs to keep the customer experience in check. A customer survey can we have to call for the customers as they can express their opinion about the service and even bring some of their grievances in front of the company as well. Dunkin doughnut provides customers with a platform where they can give an opinion about the services and food.


What does the TellDunkin survey contain?

The TellDunkin survey is all about the customer experience regarding the quality of the food. You can also include your opinions on how the company can improve its stores and services along with a customer satisfaction survey. The surveys are conducted online and an individual can take the survey by visiting

These are some of the basic queries the company asks their uses and customers. To take the survey you have to redeem the code on your receipt from Dunkin doughnuts. However, it is not necessary that you have to use the quote to depart from your comments. 


Requirements to take the survey | Eligibility


It is a very simple process about how you can complete the survey using some basic steps. First and foremost all you need is an internet connection and a smart device like your smartphone laptop or tablet. The service is available in two languages.

One is the Basic English language and the other is Spanish. You can choose as per your preference and you need to make sure that you give your genuine feedback to the company. Complete the survey and we can get delighted in the form of a free doughnut. 


Why take the Tell Dunkin survey?

If you love Dunkin doughnuts and I love to see the better quality in terms of food and services you should take the survey. It enables the company to enhance the services and make better quality food products. One of the biggest competitors of Dunkin doughnuts in Starbucks therefore it is understandable that there is a significant amount of competition within the food business.

The company does want to maintain their customer service so that they can keep loyal customers. You can even propose some ideas and provide testimonies regarding any product or service you seem to think important full stop this is a one-on-one client interaction through However, there are certain rules you have to follow while taking the survey. 


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Rules to follow for TellDunkin doughnuts survey

First and foremost you need to be under 18 years old are above to make you eligible to take the survey. You also need to have to make a current purchase from any Dunkin doughnuts stores. When you purchase from the store they provide you with the coupon code which can be used only once for taking the survey.

However, you need to make sure that you take the survey within 180 days from your purchase or from when the coupon was issued. The coupon code expires in 180 days so; therefore, you need to take the survey as soon as possible. Customers also need to mind that the coupon code cannot be redeemed for cash. 


How to participate in TellDunkin survey?

When you visited Dunkin doughnuts shop you always get a receipt after your purchase where you will find and find satisfaction survey invitation attached to it. There are two approaches to choose from the Dunkin doughnuts survey if you are encouraged to talk about your overall experience of Dunkin doughnuts. The receipt also includes a telephone number of the survey.

You can make a call all at the indicated amount and follow the directions given on the receipt to take the survey. Other than this you can also take to survey online. This is more convenient for the modern age because of a huge number of the population a major amount of that time online and it is easier for them. Is also a service that is available at any point of the day and the individual can have access to Google please they want.

The customer needs to be careful while they are filling out the gas service form and you need to make sure that you have gone through the TellDunkin privacy policy before you start. The server requires you to fill up some of your personal information. Therefore the individual needs to know how exactly they are going to handle your data. You think that information is necessary and manageable for the company you can then for the procedure to take the survey. If you don’t feel comfortable you can always avoid taking the survey.

As mentioned earlier the server is available in two languages namely English and Spanish. Customers can select any language they feel comfortable with and write your comments and answers easily. 

You will need the six-digit Dunkin doughnut shop number to take the TellDunkin survey questions. These 6 digits are there on the receipt of your last trip to the shop. Three times you can choose the TellDunkin comments about your last trip as that is the average time window.

Once you are done with all the questions there is an option for you to enter for a free reward into the guest survey sweepstakes. You are the lucky winner you can get a Dunkin doughnuts gift as your price. Other prizes included a promo code with the reception function for a voucher so that you can get a free doughnut with your purchase. 


Prizes and rewards of Dunkin doughnuts

A reward is always an interesting factor for the customer. Free doughnuts are also not a bad deal and the user can win at least free doughnuts from the company. It is important that you use the vouchers within the periods or they can expire easily. If you don’t know your way you can always look into how you can redeem your vouchers for gifts. However, you can redeem a single voucher for a visit. 


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TellDunkin customer service

  • Official Website –
  • Survey Website –
  • Customer Contact Number – 800-859-5339
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Contact Timing – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday


Final words

Every company is looking out for ways to improve their services and give a better experience for their customers. The customers are the one who is going to help the company expand and bring up the level through this service. If you want your favorite do not company to perform even better it is highly recommended that you take part in the survey.

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