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Dollar Tree Stores Inc. was established 34 years ago in 1986. Formerly this store was named – “Only $ 1.00.” It was named such because they have a huge collection of products which cost under $1. However, they soon realized that the cost of products changed in years. Dollar Tree Stores are an American chain of discount variety stores. After the costs of the product increased, Only $1.00 changed its name to Dollar Tree to accommodate more variety of things in the store. Currently, the Dollar Tree Stores that is based in Virginia, have spread their business across 15000 locations, all over the globe. If you have never tried it, give it a shot, you will get to know the reason behind their ever-growing popularity. 

The most important reason why people usually prefer to buy small things from the Dollar tree store is that they sell items at a much lower cost compared to the other stores. Not only that, but they also have almost all variety of goods which makes it a better option. If you are searching for something that you usually do not see in many stores, then you probably got to visit this store as they have an unusually long list of categories. 

Previously, this store sold different products related to household goods, accessories, home decors, gift items, electronic appliances, and automotive products. Recently, they have added another category or line of business to their existing categories.

The Dollar Store now also sells food items, like frozen packaged foods, including dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, etc. In The Dollar store, you will usually find items that cost $1 or less than a dollar and hence it had the name $1 Only before. Now as they have a variety of products that ranges from less than a dollar to somewhat more than a dollar, therefore they changed their name to Dollar Tree. 

The dollar store continues to serve its customers in every way. Also, to keep the services satisfactory they run a customer satisfaction survey. The survey is named Dolar Tree Feedback and it has been doing really good at recording people’s grievances and positive feedbacks to strengthen their business. The most important objective of the feedback program of the store is to geṭ to know how their customers feel about the store’s services and whether their visit to the store was satisfactory or not.

Moreover, they also take suggestions from their customer on what the can do to improve the services. Therefore, this feedback survey is not only meant for the Dollar Sre, but also the customers who are looking for high-quality services. Additionally, they now have even better offers as a come-along with the survey; customers who are completing their survey are eligible to win cash prizes and even discounts on their next purchase, this also keeps the services and customer’s interaction better, propper and more fun.

We have brought you every information about the Dollar Store’s feedback survey and moreover, we will give you a detailed procedure about how to join the survey and thus, win some cash and discounts.

Firstly, you will need the survey code which is printed on the receipt that you get after completing your purchase. By using that code, you will be able to take part in the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey program. However, you also need to be aware of the fact that not everyone is eligible for this survey. Therefore, make sure to go through each and every detail given in this post to know if you are eligible for the survey or not.

Most importantly, remember to give an honest opinion and feedback to the question you are being asked because the feedback you provide is sent to the officials of the Dollar Store who then decide the winner of the survey program.

Dollar Tree Feedback Survey

What is the DollarTreeFeedback Survey?

As we have already mentioned, the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey is basically a program where the Dollar Tree collects information regarding people’s experiences with their store. Also, to encourage people into giving their opinion, which in return will be beneficial for both the store and the customers, they also give them delightful treats like cash prizes and discount offers.

The customer first gets the receipt after his purchase where the survey code is printed. Several questions are asked to the customers to which an honest answer is expected. In the questionnaire, the customer is supposed to choose one option among many of the options given for a question. Make sure that every question has multiple choices among which you need to choose only one. Therefore, there won’t be any kind of writing needed on the question. 


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DollarTreeFeedback Details

Survey Prize Chance to win $1,000 cash daily or $1,500 prize value weekly
Prize Limit 1 Prize Per Person Per 90 Days
Age Requirement 18+
Resident Eligibility US, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, or Honduras
Purchase Required? No

The benefit of the Dollar Tree Feedback Program:

There are a lot of benefits that you can expect from this survey. Moreover, this survey’s outcome is not only based on cash prizes and discounts but also it varies from person to person. There are a lot of factors responsible that can make you win a survey and you must remember that not everyone wins this feedback survey.

Therefore, in order to win something, you will need to give honest feedback in your feedback form. The prizes for the feedback you will give to the Dollar Store depends on the availability and the location from where you are taking the survey. Mostly, these are some of the prizes that are usually given to the survey winners:

  • Discount coupons that you can claim in your next purchase in the Dollar store.
  • Some free products from the Dollar Tree store (if available)
  • Participation in Dollar Tree Feedback sweepstakes and many others.


Requisites for taking part in the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Program:

As we have told you all the benefits that you will be enjoying from the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey program, you must also know that there are some terms and conditions regarding your eligibility to give the survey and of winning one.

Currently, there are many places where this survey is not available yet. Moreover, everyone is not allowed to take part in the survey. Therefore, it is important to go through each and every detail, terms, conditions, and rules before heading to visit the Dollar Tree website and enrolling yourself in the program. Read on and make sure you are eligible for the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Program. Some of the rules are such:

  • This survey is allowed for people who are aged 18 years or above.
  • You must need to visit the Dollar Tree Store and get a valid Survey code after purchase.
  • This feedback survey program is only available to the residents of the United States.
  • The Dollar Tree Survey feedback is available on the official site of the Dollar Tree Store and no other site promotes this.


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A guide to taking the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey on

We have given you every information regarding the Dollar Tree store, the feedback survey, availability and the outcomes. Now its time to give you the most important information: what are the steps to successfully complete the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey. Ensure that you are eligible to give your feedback in the survey because in case you take the survey even if you are not an eligible candidate, then you will not be rewarded anything for the survey. Therefore, once you have confirmed that you are eligible for giving the feedback, carry on with the following steps:

  1. Visit the official survey website of the Dollar Tree Store:
  2. Select the language in which you will be taking the survey. Currently, the available languages that are available on the site are English, Spanish and French language.
  3. On the next screen, you will need to enter the Survey code which was given to you in the store. The code is present on the receipt you got while you made your purchase. Enter the code and click the ‘next’ button after ensuring that you have entered the correct number.
  4. Nextly, you will be given some questions regarding the products available in the Dollar Tree Store and the services of the store. Make sure to answer honestly.
  5. You will need to select only one option from the list of answers to a question.
  6. Go on answering all the questions by selecting one answer for every question.
  7. After you are done with all the questions, you will need to click on the ‘Next’ button.
  8. After you have done, a confirmation message will be shown to you saying that your feedback has been submitted successfully.
  9. Keep yourself updated and keep checking your email and phone and do not miss any message from survey.


Dollar Tree Feedback Review:

Thus, this was all about the survey and now you know everything that you needed to take part in the survey. Moreover, you will need to be aware of the fake messages, scams, and fake alerts claiming your win. There is only one official site of dollar tree store and that will be the only place where you will be taking the survey. 

Additionally, if you frequently visit the Dollar Tree Store then this survey is something you should never miss. Keep yourself updated about the latest surveys provided by the Dollar Tree Store on their website. Happy Shopping!

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